The College of Global Liberal Arts recognizes the right of students to seek a review of, and to appeal against, a result for their final grade in a course. Appeals are conducted according to the following procedure.

Grade Appeal Policy

Grade Appeal Procedure

  1. Students who wish to make an appeal against their final grade, and instructors who respond to the students' appeal, must complete each procedure by the deadline given in advance.
  2. The appeal process will be conducted entirely by email using the prescribed forms.
  3. The student will make an appeal to the instructor in charge of the course. The instructor who receives the appeal will respond directly to the student.
  4. If the student and instructor are unable to reach an agreement on the instructor’s decision, the student may make a second appeal against the grade. The second appeal must be made through the GLA Office, not the instructor.
  5. The response to the second appeal will be decided by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) after the instructor and the ADAA have reviewed the grading details.
  6. In reviewing an appealed grade, the instructor (and ADAA as necessary) may decide to raise the grade, lower the grade, or not change the grade.

AY2022 Fall Semester Grade Appeal Procedure Schedule

Dates / Due Dates for Fall 2022 Courses Dates / Due Dates for Winter Intensive Courses
Grade announcement 6:30 am
on Friday, March 3
6:30 am
on Wednesday, March 16
The student who wishes to appeal a grade sends “Form 1” to the course instructor by Email. By 5:00 pm
on Thursday, March 9
By 5:00 pm
on Wednesday, March 22
The course instructor reviews the appeal and reply to the student by Email with “Form 2”. By 5:00 pm
on Tuesday, March 14
By 5:00 pm
on Monday, March 27
If there is failure to reach an agreement through consultation with the instructor, the student may file a written appeal (“Form 3”) with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (ADAA) through the GLA Office (glapost@st.ritsumei.ac.jp). By 5:00 pm
on Friday, March 17
By 5:00 pm
on Thursday, March 30
The ADAA makes a final decision after consultation with the course instructor. By 5:00 pm
on Thursday, March 23
By 5:00 pm
on Wednesday, April 5
The GLA Office notifies the student of the review result. By 5:00 pm
on Tuesday, March 28
By 5:00 pm
on Monday, April 10

Cross-reference:GLA Academic Rubric (PDF)