Requirements and Procedures for Withdrawal

A student who wishes to withdraw from Ritsumeikan University must submit a 退学願 (Request for Withdrawal from the University) form, jointly signed by their guarantor, to the Administrative Office of their College (OIC: Manabi Station) and obtain approval from the College.

Date of Withdrawal

The date of withdrawal is the date when the student's withdrawal was approved after deliberation at the College's faculty meeting (the deliberation date or the last day of the approved semester. It is not the date the student applied for the withdrawal.) It can take from two weeks to one month to conduct deliberations regarding a withdrawal owing to the scheduling of faculty meetings.

Students are required to be enrolled at the University on the last day of the semester (Spring Semester: September 25 / Fall Semester: March 31) in order to receive course grades for that semester.

Therefore, if a student wishes to have their grades for the semester approved, the student must express this to the Administrative Office of their College (OIC: Manabi Station) when applying for withdrawal. (* The student must also pay the university fees for that semester).