Advising Structure at GLA

The College of Global Liberal Arts has a comprehensive academic advising system. Working with academic advisors and relevant faculty members through this system, students will learn how to self-navigate the GLA curriculum.

Current students with questions about advising should consult with the Academic Advising Center. Prospective students, parents, and/or other third parties are asked to contact the GLA Office.

Academic Advising

1st-year to 4th-year students

Professional academic advisors at the Academic Advising Center (AAC) are available at 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for national holidays and other university closure periods. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment in advance, but if advisors are available, walk-in is also welcome.

The AAC supports students in planning their program of study at GLA. If students have questions about program requirements for graduation, credit transfer from ANU to RU, registration for or withdrawal from courses, academic policies and procedures, and/or any other concern, the AAC serves as their first point of contact. Advisors at the AAC can also refer students to other student support units on campus as necessary and appropriate.

As much as we would like to assist students thoroughly, the AAC is not responsible for ANU’s graduation requirements, course delivery, policies, and registration procedures. Students with questions related to the items listed above should contact the ANU Convenor at

Welcome Faculty Mentoring

1st-year students

Welcoming mentors are faculty members and are assigned to all 1st-semester students. You will meet with your welcoming mentors in the 3rd week of your 1st semester during their scheduled office hours. This meeting is casual but important and intended to ensure that your classes have begun well and that your semester is on the right track.

Meeting with your welcoming advisor in your 2nd semester is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

Research Mentoring

4th-year students

A research mentor is a faculty member (or members) who will support and advise students to write their final thesis. The research mentor(s) will be determined when students choose their final thesis topic.