Students and Advisors Responsibilities

Advising is student-led and conducted to help students explore their interests, values, and abilities so as to support their making thoughtful and informed decisions about their educational plans and experiences. The following outlines what is expected of students in the academic advising process and the responsibilities of advisors to support students in their academic careers.

[Student Responsibilities]

  • Be familiar with all academic advisors by working with them regularly. Check the GLA website for important information and frequently asked questions.
  • Regularly check the university email, the GLA website, and manaba+R for important announcements. Missed deadlines or insufficient submissions due to unread messages are students’ responsibility.
  • Follow the academic policies and procedures of the College and University. These can be found in the Academic Handbook for College of Global Liberal Arts and the Academic Handbook for All Undergraduate Students on the GLA website.
  • Work with an AAC advisor in planning the 4-year academic requirements. Be proactive and plan ahead to consult with an AAC advisor every semester to monitor academic progress in completing the degree requirements for graduation.
  • Come prepared for the academic advising appointments with a list of courses they are interested in taking and questions. Present the prepared academic plan to the advisor to initiate discussions.
  • Improve their academic performance by taking advantage of the academic workshops and seminars organized on campus. Refer to the GLA website for these and other university resources.
  • Balance their academic life by setting goals and managing time.

[Advisor Responsibilities]

  • Provide students with advice and resources to enable them to make informed decisions about their academic program.
  • Work with students to create an academic plan to complete the degree requirements for graduation and achieve their academic goals.
  • Clarify concerns students may have regarding the policies and procedures of the College of Global Liberal Arts and Ritsumeikan University.
  • Refer students to available university resources and services which can appropriately address and support their needs.
  • Conduct student advising meetings in a manner that follows ethical behavior and respects student confidentiality.