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Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Digital and Interaction Design, Edith Cowan University

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  • Ph.D. in Digital and Interaction Design, Edith Cowan University

Message to Students

Being at university is an exciting time, where students experience a great deal of freedom and independence for the first time. Students can choose areas which pique their interest while also beginning to understand their place in the world and how to express themselves in it. The Global Liberal Arts program allows students to gain an understanding of history, culture and arts while also learning fundamentals of science and technology. Such an education provides a broad yet solid foundation for students to take on various challenges through applying critical thinking and a solid understanding of cultural, societal and political dynamics.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Global Liberal Arts I & II
  • Design and Society
  • Design Practice
  • Special Lecture on Innovation Studies II
  • Research Seminar I & II
  • Thesis

In Design and Society, students will learn the role that design plays within our daily lives, and society as a whole. Students will study the history of design and its relationship to other disciplines, as well as its future directions. Students will also learn methods and processes to enhance their understanding of the role and purpose of design.

In Design Practice, students will learn fundamental practical skills and aspects of interaction design. Drawing upon interaction design principles, students will learn how to design and build an interface. Through this course, students will gain a solid understanding of what the user experience (UX) is and how to apply it.

Research Interests

Design Studies, Digital Design, Interaction Design (IxD), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Aesthetics, Interactive Art

My research interests are in both practical and theoretical aspects of design and related areas, particularly within interaction design and human-computer interaction (HCI). My recent research focus has primarily been on cultural phenomena and the aesthetics of design.

Supervision Information

  • Interaction design
  • Communication design
  • Design history
  • Aesthetics

Representative Publications

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