Living Expenses and Part-time Job

Living Expenses

Living expenses will vary depending on each student's individual lifestyle, but the following is a list of estimated expenses for the average student.

Item Approximate Monthly Cost
Rent 30,000 - 60,000 yen
Utilities 10,000 yen
Internet 4,000 yen
Basic Food 30,000 - 50,000 yen
National Health Insurance 2,000 yen
Mobile Phone 4,000 yen
Local Transportation 12,000 yen
Leisure Activities 25,000 yen
Total 117,000 - 167,000 yen

Part-time job on-campus

A work permit is not necessary for teaching assistants (TA) or research assistants (RA) who work to support the university’s education and research activities.

JOB detail
TA Both Master’s and Doctoral students are eligible to apply
Hourly rate:1500yen per hour.
The average amount of time students can work as a TA is 15 hours or less per semester
RA Doctoral students are eligible to apply
Hourly rate:1500yen per hour.
Work hours must be less than 20 hours a week and within 7.5 hours a day

Part-time job off-campus

To have a part time job with your student resident status, you must obtain a "Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted" (Work Permit). You can apply for this at the airport when you enter Japan or later at the Immigration Office.
You should be aware that there are limits on the number of hours per week you can work and also types of part-time jobs you can do.
Please refer to the following link for procedure.