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BKC International House

In September 2012, Biwako-Kusatsu Campus opened a new dormitory for international students, immediately adjacent to campus. This state of the art facility sits in a quiet neighborhood, so it offers students both a peaceful setting and the convenience of close proximity to all of the university's facilities. The BKC International House aims to help international students transition to living in Japan while providing an environment where students can adjust to the local language and culture as well as interact with fellow scholars from around the world.

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secure commuter route

・5 minutes from campus on foot, using secure commuter route
・24-hour English-speaking management
・Bilingual Resident Mentors (RMs)
・Auto-lock entrance

Fee Table (Ritsumeikan Students)

Room Type Rent Bedding Fee Electricity Total Monthly Fee
Type A JPY 44,000/month JPY 2,000/month JYP 2,900/month JPY 48,900/month
Type B JPY 51,000/month JPY 2,000/month JYP 2,900/month JPY 55,900/month
Short-term Room
(per person)
JPY 600/night JPY 500/stay -- (By length of stay)
Internet access and water included!
Security Deposit: Equal to 1 month's rent (Type A and Type B rooms, only)
All fees in Japanese Yen (JPY) and current as of September 2024

Private Rooms

The dormitory offers 153 single-occupancy rooms for newly-arrived international students at BKC, as well as short-term, multi-occupancy (4 to 8 person) rooms for seminars, and rooms for visiting researchers and professors. Rooms with private showers are available, and there are floors designated for male-only and female-only occupancy, as well as coeducational floors, to make sure that each student is housed in a comfortable environment.

Rooms Include:

Type A student room

・Internet Connection
・Bed & Bedding (with cleaning)
・Desk & Chair
・Air Conditioning & Lighting
・Sink & Toilet
・"Type B" rooms include individual showers!

Common Use Facilities

common use kitchen and study lounge

・Kitchen Lounge (with TV & DVD player)
・Shower Rooms
・Laundry Rooms & Dryers
・Multipurpose Hall with Tatami Corner (with TV & DVD player)
・Billiard Table, Table Tennis, Basketball Hoop
・Bicycle Parking


Dormitory Residents' Guidebook (Revised in June 2023)


Please direct questions or reservation requests to:

Facility Photos

multipurpose hall, tatami corner, entryway, notice board, first floor lounge and short-term housing room

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