Mission Statement

Institutional research (IR) is, according to Saupe (1990), research conducted within an institution of higher education to provide information which supports institutional planning, policy formation and decision making.
The mission of OUAIR, the Office of University Assessment and Institutional Research is to collect, integrate, and analyze institutional and external data in collaboration with faculty, staff, and student to support university assessment, institutional decision-making, planning, and policy development in terms of quality enhancement.
Ref. Saupe, Joe L. (1990) The Functions of Institutional Research. 2nd Edition, p.1.


Support for Student Growth
Evidence-Based Culture
Collaboration with Faculty, Staff and Students
Promoting Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)
Conducting Self-Study
Organizing the Self-Study Committee; University-Wide Organization Responsible for Promoting IQA
Holding the meetings of Ritsumeikan University Evaluation Committee
Supporting the External Evaluations of Respective Colleges and Graduate Schools (Program Review)
Preparing for University Accreditation
Enhancing the Functions of Institutional Research (IR)

Information of OUAIR