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CRPS 10th Anniversary

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What is "CRPS"?

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Stand Up and Create the Future

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Stand Up and
Create the Future

Cross borders and cultures, deepen understanding of others, view social issues from a global perspective, and seek solutions to create the better world. This sums up the concept of global learning at the College of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University. We must see each issue in the world as our shared challenge, not as something limited to one region. The college offers opportunities where students learn from international peers, cultivating their ability to present causes and solutions of various issues in this globalized world.

English-based Undergraduate Degree Program :
Community and Regional Policy Studies Major

  • Sustainable Urban Policy Program

    This program focuses on urban planning, environmental and housing policies, community development, disaster prevention in communities, and nature conservation, and aims to achieve sustainable urban development and solve environmental issues.

  • Regional Economy and Development Program

    This program focuses on regional development, international trade and finance, development economics, public economics, and economic systems as a framework to develop regional economies.

  • Multi-level Governance Program

    This program focuses on multi-level governance, international public policy, national and local government cooperation, constitutional law, public administration, and social welfare policy.

Academic Fiesta

The College of Policy Science has developed a unique curriculum of research and presentation over the four years, from the first to the fourth year of study.
Each year, students discover a research theme, conduct research and surveys, present their findings and write reports and papers on their findings, thereby developing their ability to think and solve problems and put policy into practice. It also allows students to develop the skills required in the real world, such as communication and presentation skills.

Based Learning

The College of Policy Science focuses on Project/Problem-Based Learning (PBL), aiming to provide students with the ability to develop and implement policies in its four-year program. First-year students gain fundamental skills for PBL such as critical and logical thinking. Second-year students lead a group project involving fieldwork. This experience serves as the basis for their learning and thesis-writing in third and fourth years.

Small classes, active participation

We accept 40 students for the English-based major every year. In each seminar, up to ten students can receive detailed guidance from the instructors, and are encouraged to actively participate in class, with a focus on activities such as discussion and presentations.

Around the World

The College of Policy Science offers a curriculum which can also serve as support for student career development. Small-group classes, group discussions, and presentations train students to express themselves better while fieldwork gives them the opportunity to learn how to put their knowledge into practice. These skills support students upon hunting jobs or applying for graduate schools in and outside Japan.