Ritsumeikan University top global university japan


  • 1Establishment of Independent Learning

    We provide an education that allows students to acquire independent and active learning skills over the course of their life through curricular and extracurricular learning.

  • 2Formation of a Knowledge Creation Hub

    In order to solve various global issues, we promote interdisciplinary, international research activities for researchers from all over the world.

  • 3Contribution to the Future

    We create opportunities that go beyond a variety of borders, advance the development of human resources and enhance research towards the creation of a sustainable, peaceful future.

  • 4Global Network Core

    Being based in Asia, we consider ourselves an “Asian Gateway” that connects people and knowledge, exerting a strong presence in global society.

Having been selected for the "Top Global University Project" by the Japanese government,
we further accelerate the realization of these visions.


Human Development to Collaborate Across Cultures
and Contribute Globally to Asian Communities

Taking advantage of our strength as a comprehensive university, which has carried out a number of advanced programs, we further enhance the quality of education and research through systematic globalization.

Strategies 3 Beyond Borders Fields
Vision for Our Graduates Talented Individuals that Will be Able to Cooperate
                        with Others to Solve Issues throughout Asia and the World


Ritsumeikan University in 2023

Based on our experiences in internationalization since the 1980s, we continue to carry out cutting-edge programs to expand our network globally and provide opportunities for our students to have global experiences.

Ritsumeikan University’s Globalization


Initiatives to promote internationalization

In order to facilitate the internationalization of higher education in a manner that meets the emerging needs of today, there is a growing demand for international education to be tailored to the new normal of the Covid-19 era Accordingly, the Japan Forum for Internationalization of Universities was established as a platform to share knowledge among universities that are playing a leading role in internationalization initiatives. Selected as the host university of a project within this forum, Ritsumeikan University is ready to lead the project in cooperation with other universities and high schools both in Japan and abroad.

Ritsumeikan University's project