Ritsumeikan University× Japan Forum for Internationalization of Universities Quality Enhancement and Promotion of University-High School Collaborations for Undergraduate Joint Degree Program and Global Partnerships

Purpose of the project

We organize workshops to share knowledge we have gained through the experience of offering degree programs in partnership with overseas universities, including a joint degree program (JDP). The workshops facilitate the exchange of opinions and help to solve problems. We aim to promote JDP and other international dual degree programs and enhance their quality through building a network of key stakeholders, including high school teachers.

Project activities


We arrange themed working groups (WGs) and organize workshops for faculty members of universities that offer international degree programs such as JDP, dual degree programs, and English-medium undergraduate programs, as well as teachers of International Baccalaureate (IB) schools and high schools interested in such programs.

a symposium
to present proposals

We summarize advise and suggestions on good practices and problem-solving methods through discussions at workshops and provide a place to present and share such proposals and recommendations. We hold a symposium once enough cases are gathered.

Carrying out case
research and faculty
development (FD)

Adding to the value of sharing good practices with universities participating in the project, we conduct case studies on overseas universities in line with the theme of each WG, and invite experts in FD to contribute towards solving the problems we have.

Proposed themes

  1. (1) Challenges to be overcome in introducing an international undergraduate degree program
  2. (2) Student support through cooperation with overseas partner universities
  3. (3) Screening and admission of students through cooperation with overseas partner universities
  4. (4) Curriculum management, handling of credits, and evaluation method in international degree programs
  5. (5) High school-university collaboration focusing on international educational programs

About Japan Forum for
Internationalization of
Universities (JFIU)

The universities selected for the Top Global University Project (Top Global Universities) have been promoting various measures at their own initiative to enhance international competency and compatibility since the project started in 2014.

However, the worldwide spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has restricted international travel and caused a rapid shift in education and exchange activities to online, resulting in educational institutions to developing programs respond to the new normal.
Against this backdrop, the JFIU was established to facilitate sharing of the diverse achievements made by the Top Global Universities and strengthen inter-university solidarity, thereby enhancing the international compatibility and competitiveness of Japan's higher education to prepare for the new normal.

This forum will bring together efforts to promote the internationalization of Japanese universities across the nation, and serve as a platform where various projects to be implemented at the initiative of the Top Global Universities, while extending good practices and fostering solidarity among all participating universities.