What are the application requirements ?

Requirements differ based on the application process. Please consult the Application Information page here for the appropriate eligibility criteria, required documents, and deadlines.

What is the minimum TOEFL®, etc., score required to apply ?

There is no minimum requirement, but all applicants are required to submit a certificate from an English language testing agency such as TOEIC®/ TOEFL®/ IELTS® so we can evaluate your language ability.

Must I specify my desired advisor before applying ?

Yes. All applicants must choose a desired advising professor and write their name in the application form, regardless of their application type.

How can I view your list of researchers / professors ?

Please consult the List of Researchers page here to browse an index of researchers / professors.

How can I contact researchers / professors ?

If a researcher / professor does not release their own personal Email on the website, it is possible to make a request to get in direct contact with them by emailing the administrative office, Graduate School of Life Sciences at:

What is the screening procedure like ?

Screening is conducted primarily based on submitted materials. But an interview via email/ telephone/ etc. may be conducted if necessary.

Do you have spring semester admission ?

The English-language curriculum starts in September. Therefore we cannot accept applicants in English-language programs in the spring.

Is Japanese language ability required ?

Since lectures are conducted in English, students are not required to have Japanese language training. However, some knowledge of the Japanese language would make it easier to transition into living in Japan. Students may also take various Japanese language course to orient them to day-to-day life in Japan and to aid interaction with other students within their research laboratories.

Can I review what graduates have researched in the past ?

Please refer to the Past Research Topics page here

If I have other inquiries, who should I contact ?

Please send an email to: gsls@st.ritsumei.ac.jp