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Vietnam-Japan University (VJU)

Vietnam-Japan University celebrates their Students at Master’s Thesis Defense Ceremony


Vietnam has achieved rapid economic growth in the 21st century. For the country’s sustainable economic development, human resources that can meet the needs of the society are in great demand. Under such circumstances, the Japanese government received a request from the Vietnamese government to establish a higher education institution that aims to develop highly-skilled human resources. As a result of discussions, the decision to establish the Vietnam-Japan University with the support of the Japanese government was finally made.

In the celebration of Happy Teacher's Day

Project Overview

VJU opened master’s programs in the following six fields of study in September 2016. Furthermore, VJU opened master’s program in Climate Change and Development in September 2018 and in Global Leadership in September 2019. Japanese Universities provide support for educational and research activities in each program, as coordinator universities. The university aims to offer bachelor, master and PhD degrees, transfer to a new campus and become a leading university in Asia.

Field trip to Lao Cai of the VJU students

Support by Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University has participated in research and discussion since its initial conceptual stage in 2006. Currently, Ritsumeikan’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Science and Engineering participates in this Technical Cooperation Project(*) organized by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). We provide support by sending professors to VJU and designing curriculum models for the master’s programs, assisting research activities and internship offered in Vietnam and Japan and training for faculty and academic staff of VJU, as a coordinator university in the field of Environmental Engineering (in conjunction with the University of Tokyo).

* June 2015-May 2020 Project for the Establishment of the Master Programs of Vietnam-Japan University
* May 2020-August 2022 Project for Enhancement of Education, Research and University Management Capacity at Vietnam-Japan University

Fields of study of the master’s programs and coordinator universities are as follows:

  1. Area Studies: The University of Tokyo
  2. Public Policy: University of Tsukuba
  3. Business Administration: Yokohama National University
  4. Global Leadership: Waseda University
  5. Nanotechnology: Osaka University
  6. Environmental Engineering: Ritsumeikan University, The University of Tokyo
  7. Infrastructure Engineering: The University of Tokyo
  8. Climate Change and Development: Ibaraki University