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Admissions and Tuition

Regarding admissions, please refer to Ritsumeikan University’s International Admissions Website.

Admissions Policy

Education and research at the College of Information Science and Engineering encompasses a wide range of topics. These relate to the core knowledge of technologies, and their application at the cutting edge.
Our educational goal is to develop specialists and researchers with expertise in utilizing computers to obtain effective and innovative solutions to unforeseen issues. Graduates of CISE will be ready to play the leading role in a variety of organizations at the global level.
With these objectives in mind, we welcome prospective students with the following qualities and attitudes.

  • (1) The prospective students should have acquired logical thinking skills and fundamental understanding of mathematics and natural sciences necessary to pursue studies in information science.
  • (2) For those who are to choose one of the six courses provided in Japanese, they should have sufficient Japanese proficiency to understand and produce Japanese texts, as well as the fundamental proficiency in English. For those who are to be enrolled in the course provided in English, they should be able to display sufficient command of English to pursue academic studies in the language.
  • (3) They should have acquired academic underpinnings to start a wide range of studies at the tertiary education level.
  • (4) They should have wide and keen interests in academic fields related to information technology.
  • (5) They should be strongly motivated to acquire the fundamentals of programming.
  • (6) They should have sincere motivation to acquire specialized and advanced knowledge and technologies, ethical attitudes, and leadership.
  • (7) They should be fully aware of the significance of skills for problem-identifying/solving and those for communication, and are ready to improve those skills to the more advanced levels.