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Jihoon MIN

Jihoon MIN is an Affiliate Assistant Professor for the Kinugasa Research Organization and a member of the Center for East Asian Peace and Cooperation at Ritsumeikan University.
He received his Ph.D. in Policy Science from Ritsumeikan University in 2018.
His majors were politics, Korea-Japan relations, and area studies.
His focus is on the South Korea(Republic of Korea)-Japan relationship, particularly concentrating on the South Korean government and victims of the Japanese colonial government. He is currently researching how the South Korean government managed the issue of ZAINICHI Koreans (Koreans in Japan) and comfort women (Japanese Military Sexual Slavery).

His representative research achievements are ‘ZAINICHI Korean Citizens Registration Policy' (Policy Science, 2015) [「李承晩政権の在日コリアン国民登録政策」政策科学、2015年] and 'South Korean Government's Policy on the Korean Japanese: Between Inclusion and Exclusion' (Crane, 2019) [『韓国政府の在日コリアン政策 [1945-1960]包摂と排除のはざまで』クレイン、2019年].