IIRAS has conducted research concerning peace and sustainable development in the world. We have focused on problems such as terrorism, poverty, environmental degradation, natural disasters, socio-economic cleavages, religious-ethnic conflicts, and regional integration/disintegration, that are all transnational in nature. How should we deal with these cross-border issues? IIRAS has promoted an integrative approach of International Relations and Area Studies for the better understanding of these complicated issues we are facing in the globalizing 21st Century.

Examples of Research Topics
  • Political Change and Conflict
  • Security and Peacebuilding
  • Regional Integrations in the Age of Globalization
  • Political Economy in East Asia

Current Projects

Priority Projects

1. Conflict and Peacebuilding Studies ⟨CAPS⟩ (4 Units)
Project Conflict and Peacebuilding in Northeast Asia
Chief Researcher Kenki Adachi (College of International Relations)
Project Conflict and Peacebuilding in Southeast Asia
Chief Researcher Jun Honna (College of International Relations)
Project Conflict and Peacebuilding in Central Asia
Chief Researcher Noboru Miyawaki (College of Policy Science)
Project Conflict and Peacebuilding in Middle East
Chief Researcher Kota Suechika (College of International Relations)
2. China’s Expanding Influence and the International Order (3 Units)
Project China’s Economic Development
Chief Researcher Ryoji Nakagawa (College of International Relations)
Project China's Diplomacy
Chief Researcher Miwa Hirono (College of Global Liberal Arts)
Project China’s Business Market
Chief Researcher Masaki Mori (College of Business Administration)

Ongoing Projects

Project Society for the Study of Contemporary Africa
Chief Researcher Shirato Keiichi (College of International Relations Department of International Relations)
Project Afghanistan Studies
Chief Researcher Haruyuki Shimada (College of International Relations)
Project Politics and Economies of Japan, United States and China
Chief Researcher Satoru Nakamoto (College of Economics)
Project Studies on Asian and Chinese Law
Chief Researcher Misako Oda (College of Law)
Project African Studies
Chief Researcher Takuo Iwata (College of International Relations)
Project Peace Studies
Chief Researcher Akihiko Kimijima (College of International Relations)
Project Experimental Political Studies
Chief Researcher Go Murakami (College of Law)