The Research Organization of Science and Technology was established in April 1994, accompanying the expansion of research activities in the field of science and engineering.

At that time, activities were started with the two organizations of the Institute of Science and Engineering (established in 1955), where the university independently advances research in basic science and technology fields, and the Research Centers for each area of research professors of the university collaborate for science advancement. In April of 1996, the Synchrotron Radiation Center was established for carrying out research on state-of-the-art light using superconductive synchrotron radiation emitting devices, and the VLSI Research Center was established in April 2000 to provide educational support for fostering human resources, who can design very large scale integration (VLSI), conduct cutting-edge research in related fields, and carry forth the next-generation semiconductor industry. Many other new Research Centers have also been founded to tackle the various issues confronting today’s society.

Since establishing the Research Organization of Science and Technology, approximately 400 research projects a year have been carried out with various external institutions, and the organization has even ranked number one domestically in Japan several times for the number of research projects commissioned by private companies. The research findings continue to be disseminated and returned to the various sectors of society, and furthermore, a broad range of research exchange activities are being carried out, such as exchange among researchers and the fostering of young researchers, etc.