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These Courses Are
Perfect For

  • Those who want to deepen their understanding of Japanese traditional arts, culture, and history through hands-on learning (Kinugasa Campus courses)
  • Those who want to learn about marketing, business, manufacturing, city planning, etc., of Japanese companies through hands-on learning (Osaka Ibaraki Campus courses)
  • Those who want to learn about Japanese food culture, natural environments, technology, etc., through hands-on learning (Biwako-Kusatsu Campus courses)

These Courses Are Offered At

  • Kinugasa Campus (Kyoto)
  • Osaka Ibaraki Campus (Osaka)
  • Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (Shiga)

About Campus-Specific Courses

Students will learn about Japanese traditional culture, history, society, urban innovation, food culture, corporate activities, etc., through hands-on learning in accordance with the distinctive characteristics of each RU campus.

Important Points
  • You may be required to pay an activity fee for the course.
  • Classes may be held on Saturdays.
Class Language Japanese/ English
Requirements None

Comment From Participant

In (these) special courses, we have the chance to really appreciate and understand more of the Japanese traditional culture.

Ilaria Canali / Italy

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