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Everyone Could Find Something That Sparked Their Interest

Eliska Sikulova/Denmark

I decided to participate in total of five different circles (student groups), all of them being an irreplaceable part of my SKP journey. Whether it was related to music, drawing, manga, Chinese, sports or dance, everyone could find something that sparked their interest. Some of the best moments happened exactly during the circle activities. I was hesitant to apply first as I was not sure whether I would manage with my poor Japanese skills. However, it turned out that when it comes to things you enjoy doing you do not really need a language to communicate. This proved to be true in my music circle where I mostly communicated with other students through music. We could not say much to one another, but we could definitely play some great music together. The same held true in my volleyball circle where there was no need for words as we just enjoyed playing together. The sport brought us much closer with fewer words. Of course, being surrounded by Japanese native speakers during these activities had a positive impact on my Japanese skills. As the time went on, I found myself being able to communicate with my circle friends much better.

University of Southern Denmark