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The Most Recognizable University on the List

Madison Reyes/United States

My school had several options for programs in Japan, but Ritsumeikan was by far the most recognizable university on the list. The location is amazing, and the Intensive Japanese Language Track available at Ritsumeikan had a great reputation. During my time as an exchange student at Ritsumeikan University, I not only had the opportunity to explore Kyoto, the most historically significant city in Japan, but I also had the opportunity to explore Japan outside of Ritsumeikan. For spring break, I travelled from Sapporo to Kyoto by train, stopping in over ten cities along the way. On the trip, I encountered many different places and people, and experienced so much of Japan that I never thought I would be able to. It was a life changing trip, as I got to see for myself that even though Japan seems small, it is so much bigger and more diverse than I had previously thought. Through traveling and through the immersive language courses I was enrolled in at Ritsumeikan, I felt comfortable and at home living in Japan. Although my most memorable experience was outside of Kyoto, I never would have had all of the amazing experiences I had without SKP.

The University of Oklahoma
North America