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Leaving Our Comfort Zones Is an Important Step Forward

Cheng Da Kok/Singapore

Ritsumeikan University offers a plethora of academic courses taught in English for students to choose from, and thus there is something for every student out there. I could easily find courses which I was interested in from the OSE Track which aided the transfer of credits back to my home university. In addition, its location (Kinugasa Campus) in Japan’s cultural capital, Kyoto, also appeals to students who would like to explore and experience the culturally rich city. Classes in general are attended by both foreign and Japanese students and there are plenty of chances to interact with people from different backgrounds. There are many opportunities to discuss and work together on various projects and these experiences are one of the key takeaways of the program. While this may require some of us to leave our comfort zones, it is an important step forward and the people you meet and work with might just become your lifelong friends. Going beyond just academics, Ritsumeikan University also gives students a chance to experience traditional Japanese culture such as wagashi making, and this enriches the overall university experience. Looking back, I enjoyed my time at Ritsumeikan University, made many new friends, and would encourage others to consider the Study in Kyoto Program.

National University of Singapore