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A True Taste of Japan

Giacomo Becchi/Italy

When I was finishing my bachelor’s degree, I decided to plan an international experience focused on improving my Japanese skills. When it was time to decide where to go, I decided to opt for the Study in Kyoto Program at Ritsumeikan University for two main reasons: the first one was its Intensive Japanese Language track (IJL) and the second one was the possibility to join, along with the Japanese courses, a high number of international relations courses. Thanks to that, I had both the opportunity to strengthen my language skills through a complete and thorough Japanese program and to take part in interesting discussions and lectures on modern international relations issues. Furthermore, the campus allowed me to meet people from all over the world and to meet new friends. Living the “Campus Life” led me to join one of the university clubs, and it was such an amazing experience to understand the real life of a Japanese university student. In addition to all the university experiences, living in Kyoto for six months gave me a wide and true taste of Japan. The whole city is rooted in tradition and culture. Its lively city life offers everything a student could ask for.

University of Bologna