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Charges and the Number of Days Needed for Delivery

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Certificates Charges (Yen)
(Japanese and English version)
The Number
of Days
Student Graduate
(Student Dropout)
Certificate of Enrollment 100 1
Certificate of Graduation 300 1
Academic Transcript 100 300 (*2) 3
Investigation Report (*1) 200 400 (*2) 4
Certificate of Anticipated Graduation 100 1
Certificate of Credit Acquisition 100 300 (*3) 3
Certificate of Enrollment Period 300 3
Certificate of Dormitory Resident 0 1
  • * The number of days is tentative; please give yourself extra time when requesting.
  • (*1) We issue Inverstigation Report only in Japanese version.
  • (*2) No issues are made after five years since graduation.
  • (*3) No issues are made after twenty years since graduation.

How to Apply

By Post

Download “Certificate Request Form” online or receive by FAX. Fill out this form and attach the following documents and send them together to Certificate Issuing Office.

Necessary Documents

  1. Certificate Request Form
    • * In case an applicant is requesting a certificate through a proxy, please attach a letter of attorney.
  2. Charge (Postal order)
    • * If you apply from abroad, you could pay by international postal money order.
  3. Return envelope (the return envelope will usually be 120×235 but if documents other than certificates are to be enclosed, the size should be 240×332) plus stamps
    • * Information about stamps is below.
  4. ID copy (i.e driver’s license, passport, health insurance card)
    • * ID must be issued in the applicant’s name.
    Those wishing to have certificates sent to overseas universities or other organization or individual are required to submit the following:
    • A completed “Direct Document Sending Form” that covers all the necessary address details.
    • Any relevant information regarding the university or organization (e.g. explanation of the university admission process, desired format of cover letter, etc.).
    • * The postage shall be paid by applicants.
      Please contact us in advance as we will inform you about the cost of postage.

Shipping Address

33-1 Hachiken Yadani, Hirono-cho, Uji-City, Kyoto Japan 611-0031
Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School Certificate Issuing Office, Administration Office


  Stamp fee
General (Yen) Express (Yen)
1 Certificate 84 344
2 Certificate 94 354
3 Certificate 140 400

If you wish to receive certificates by mail, the request will be processed when full charges and stamps are received by the school. The number of days required to issue a certificate is calculated from the day the request is confirmed.

  • * Our school can not send by “Registered mail”, “Simplified registered mail” or “Acceptance-recorded mail”.
  • * The postage of “Investigation Report” is different. Please contact our school for postage.


Please contact our school for postage.

At the Office

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 08:30-16:30
Fill out “Certificate Request Form” and pay charges at COOP before coming to the office. We kindly request that you apply by yourself; however, you may also request a certificate through a proxy. In the event that you use a proxy, please provide a letter of attorney.

Receiving Options

By mail: as a general rule, certificates will be sent to your address.
At office: please bring your ID.

Certificate Request Form (pdf file downloads)

  • * No requests will be accepted over the telephone or through FAX.

Contact us

Ritsumeikan Uji Junior and Senior High School Certificate Issuing Office, Administration Office
33-1 Hachiken Yadani, Hirono-cho, Uji-City, Kyoto Japan 611-0031
TEL: +81-774-41-3000 FAX: +81-774-41-3555
<Business Hours> Mon-Fri 08:30-16:30