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Facilities and equipment design to encourage significant growth

Site area:

approx. 135,000㎡

Building area:

approx. 28,000㎡

Ritsumeikan Uji is committed to upgrading its facilities and equipment so that students can receive a cutting-edge education. The school is equipped with Wi-FI, so students and faculty can work on reports and hold online meetings anywhere as long as they have a device connected to the wireless LAN. The main hall in the high school building (Building B) has a capacity of 800 people and is used for various presentations and meetings. The cafeteria, which seats 200 people, has chairs with awnings and functions as a place where both junior and senior high school students can relax. The school also has a 400-meter track, Athletic Field No. 1 (for rugby, soccer, football, and lacrosse), Athletic Field No. 2 (for the junior high school baseball team), six Omni Court tennis courts that are also used as an official venue for official matches sponsored by the All Japan Athletic Federation, and an air-conditioned arena. The high school baseball team practices daily in a dedicated stadium located off campus as they seek to advance to the national championships. In addition, the school is equipped with facilities for experiential learning, including a Japanese-style room used for Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement, a technical classroom where students can learn directly from professional master carpenters, and an art room. The newest building, Building C, opened in August 2021 and mainly serves as a hub for International Baccalaureate education.

  • Media Room

  • Arena

  • Library

  • Cafeteria Terrace

  • Main Hall

  • Tea Ceremony Room

  • Communication Lounge

  • Building C