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Junior High IP Course Outing

     On Wednesday, October 26, Junior High IP students went on a field trip.
     IP1 students enjoyed a scavenger race at the Yamashiro Sports Park (Taiyo-ga-oka) adjacent to the school, while IP2 students enjoyed fieldwork in the suburbs of Uji.In the IP first-year scavenger race, each team included a high school IB second-year student, and together they made strategies and interacted with each other as they made their way around the natural surroundings.This is the first Uji fieldwork for IP2 students. With the goal of " promoting the charms of Uji," each group visited Byodoin Temple, Tonoshima Island, and the shopping street, and discovered many charming things in Uji. They will be presenting their findings in the near future.
     At the end of the day, IP 1st and 2nd year students and IB 2nd year students met up at Taiyo-oka and had lunch together. The day was blessed with a beautiful sunny day and was very productive.

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