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IB course EE Teacher Q&A session

     Today, second year IB students (IB2) engaged in a question and answer session with subject teachers centered on IBDP Extended Essay (EE) subject selection.  For 50 minutes, students met with Japanese, English, mathematics, sciences, business, global politics, economics, and visual arts teachers to better understand the requirements for respective EE subjects and learn about the process of writing an EE in that subject.  Through short sessions with several teachers, students were able to better understand areas of possible interest or gain a spark in a subject they may not have previously considered.

     In the following weeks, IB2 students will meet with their third year counterparts who have just completed the EE process and continue asking questions while reflecting on their interests before drafting and submitting their EE proposals.  Once this is done, students will be assigned an EE subject and advisor, and then they will commence their research, study, and writing in earnest, ultimately completing their EE in August of 2023. 

221104【IBコースEE】 221104【IBコースEE】
221104【IBコースEE】 221104【IBコースEE】