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Academic Year



IB Course: Study Traditional Crafts in Kyoto

     On Friday, November 4, IB1 students visited workshops of traditional industries in Kyoto and interviewed craftsmen. This year, they visited workshops of Nishijin brocade, chochin weaving, Kyo-yuzen, Japanese candles, Kyo-kumihimo, and Japanese umbrella. The students were able to make many new discoveries by actually experiencing the work and hearing valuable stories from the craftspeople that they could not have learned just by researching.

     On Friday the 11th, a poster session was held at the school for students to present their ideas on how to realize sustainable traditional industries. Students received advice from classmates and teachers from multiple subjects, and had the opportunity to further deepen their ideas in preparation for an exhibition at the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Industries in January.

Hands-on Experience of Traditional Industries

221121【IB京都伝統産業】 221121【IB京都伝統産業】
221121【IB京都伝統産業】 221121【IB京都伝統産業】

Poster session to discuss sustainable ideas

221121【IB京都伝統産業】 221121【IB京都伝統産業】