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GCP (Global Challenge Program) "A Little Rare Experience in Malaysia!"

 As part of the GCP (Global Challenge Program), a six-day program from November 22 (Tuesday) to 27 (Sunday), "A Little Rare Experience in Malaysia! was held for six days from Tuesday, November 22 to Sunday, November 27. Four high school students and two junior high school students participated in this project. Although the activities on the first and last days were mainly mobile, the four days were very fulfilling.

Wednesday, Nov. 23
 A courtesy visit was made to the Ministry of Education in Johor Bahru. We were welcomed with open arms, as there had not been a visit by junior and senior high school students from Japan for many years.
 They told us in detail about the current state of schools and educational policies in Johor Bahru, and we could clearly see how much importance Malaysia places on education as a nation. The students also introduced themselves and shared their thoughts and ideas.The Ministry of Education and Professor Kumaragul Ramaya of UTM Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, who provided full support for the GCP, nodded their heads and listened attentively.

Thursday, November 24
 We visited a secondary school (SMK Sultan Ismail) in the morning and an elementary school (SRJKC Pu Sze) in the afternoon. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with a mixed population of Malay, Indian, and Chinese ethnic groups.
 Elementary schools are set up for each ethnic group, each speaking mainly the language of its own ethnic group, and six years of education are provided. Textbooks are also different in each school. In the secondary school that follows, all three ethnic groups study together for five years and English is used.

 At the elementary school, we introduced Japanese games such as karuta (Japanese playing cards), daruma drop, otedama (beanbags), and origami paper balloons, and had a good time playing them together. At the secondary school, we made puzzles using Japanese cypress that we had brought along, and we were able to think together to find the correct answers.

 The elementary school we visited in the morning was just celebrating its 100th anniversary, and this was the first time in its 100-year history that Japanese junior and senior high school students had visited. We were made very welcome at both schools, served a meal, and exchanged commemorative gifts.

Friday, November 25
 In the morning, we visited a pineapple farm and learned about Malaysian agriculture. The pineapples were darker in color than any pineapple eaten in Japan, and the sweetness was completely different. Everyone was surprised that it did not sting their tongues at all.
 In the afternoon, we visited cultural facilities and experienced various different cultures. They experienced a Malay marriage ceremony with a focus on costumes, played ethnic instruments, and made batik, a Malaysian wax-dyed cloth. Everyone was very satisfied with their creations.

Saturday, November 26
 We conducted a study tour in Singapore. We were able to get a good sense of the development of the country of Singapore as we toured each area. From the romantic old streets to the cutting-edge buildings, it was all very eye-opening.

 As mentioned above, this GCP was a very meaningful experience. I am sure that the students who participated in the GCP will become more and more global talent by making the most of this experience.

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