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JH IP course "Winter Project" activities across grades and subjects

     This week, our Junior High IPC and IPS classes have been working on their Winter Project. The Winter Project is a cross-curricular activity done each year, aimed at extending students’ learning outside the classroom and developing their thinking, communication, research, social and self-management skills.
     The topic of the Winter Project varies each year, and this year the focus was on the IB Learner Profile. Groups made up of students from years 7, 8 and 9 were asked to produce a six-minute dramatic scene highlighting the importance of a Learner Profile attribute that they had been assigned.
    The students had a limited amount of time to discuss, plan, script and film their dramatic scenes, and they did an amazing job. Their creativity and imagination helped them to produce dramatic scenes that reflected their understanding of these important aspects of IB Education!

221214【IPウインタープロジェクト】 221214【IPウインタープロジェクト】
221214【IPウインタープロジェクト】 221214【IPウインタープロジェクト】