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IM course : Fieldwork at Keage and Yasaka Shrine

The IM course offers a course on rediscovering Japanese culture for first-year students before their study abroad. The objectives of this class are "to learn about one's own culture before discovering the world" and "to become a person who can communicate the Japanese cultural attractions as an ambassador in a study abroad destination".

On January 17, the students went on a field trip to learn about the history of Kyoto and to communicate with foreign tourists visiting Kyoto.

We gathered in front of Biwako Sosui Memorial Hall and traced the footsteps of modernization of Kyoto, including the Keage Incline, Nejirimanpo, Keage Power Plant, Tanabe Sakuro Statue, and Suiroukaku. After that, we walked to Yasaka Shrine, where we interviewed foreign tourists visiting Kyoto, and I was impressed by the way they communicated with foreign visitors without being intimidated, probably as a result of their previous studies in the IM course.