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JH. WOW: Science Study in Yakushima Day2

 Due to lightning strikes and heavy rain since yesterday, we had to abandon the Jomon Cedars hike for safety reasons and change our plans to go to Chihiro Falls, Okawa Falls, Kigen Cedars, and Yakusugiland. We woke up at 4:30 a.m. and were feeling disappointed because we had been so excited about the Jomon cedars, but we changed our minds and were able to enjoy the second day to the fullest.
 First, we went to Okawa Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Japan. Thanks to the heavy rain, the volume of water increased even more, and we were overwhelmed by the power of the falls. Thanks to the unique weather in Yakushima, we were able to encounter and notice a lot of things, such as seeing a Sawagani crab and seeing a lot of water coming out of the rocky cliffs and the ground.

 We went to Kigen-sugi, one of the most representative Yakusugi cedars in Yakushima. Unlike the Jomon cedars, we were able to get close and touch it and feel its size up close. A thin mist hung in the air, and we were able to feel a fantastic space.

 In Yakusugiland, we enjoyed nature for 3 hours with more breaks. Based on yesterday's lecture, we were able to observe and photograph plants with an awareness of how to look at them. We were impressed by the size of the Yakusugi cedars, which we had never seen before, the river flowing vigorously through the granite, and the moss growing on the rocks and soil-buried trees. We were also able to make connections with what we had learned at school as the guides imparted their knowledge to us. It was a precious day that I will never forget.