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JH. WOW: Science Study in Yakushima Last Day

 On the last day, we went kayaking on the Anbo River. We were able to realize that the dynamic river we saw yesterday in Yakusugiland at an altitude of 1,300 meters was changing to a gentle current downstream. It was a luxurious time to confirm the nature of Yakushima while paddling slowly and freely under the Matsumine Ohashi Bridge, one boat per person.
 For lunch, we moved to Miyanoura and had lunch at the Yakushima Tourist Center. It was a slightly matured meal filled with a lot of Yakushima. We had sashimi of flying fish dipped in soy sauce, grilled Yakushima mackerel, miso soup made from saba-bushi (dried mackerel bones), and other dishes served in dishes made from Yakushima cedar. The age of the dishes was very impressive because we had learned so much about Yakushima. At the tourist center, we were happy to buy souvenirs for our family members who had supported the WOW Program.
 I learned, realized, and met so many things during the 3-day program. There were things that I was able to learn because of the overnight program, and it was also an experience that will lead me to the Australia study tour in my third year. Starting with the WOW Program, I will cherish everything I have gained from this experience, and I hope to use it for my future growth.