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Report on JH3 Study Tour to Australia

From August 19 (Sat.) to September 4 (Mon.), the training program was held in Brisbane, Australia, for 17 days. This was the first time in four years since Corona.

■Homestay Experience

Students stayed with a local family in pairs to experience the Australian lifestyle. On weekends, they enjoyed BBQ, went to the beach, and spent a lot of time with the family. For about two weeks, students were able to experience different cultures as a member of a family.

■Activities at the local school

On weekdays, they went to the local school and took English lessons, attended classes with local students, played with them during breaks, and had a great time. The students also had the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange activities, such as introducing Japanese culture, enjoying Japanese games together, and participating in events at the local school.


During their stay in Japan, the students went on two excursions. The first excursion was to the center of Brisbane, where they walked around the University of Queensland's sprawling campus and South Bank, a popular tourist spot, with their university student mentors. The second trip was to the Gold Coast. First, they visited an animal sanctuary called Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where they saw Australian animals such as koalas and kangaroos. Then they moved to Surfers Paradise, where they took pictures on the beautiful beach and enjoyed shopping.

Living in a foreign country away from their parents for more than two weeks is a big challenge for junior high school students.

We believe that this study tour provided them with a valuable opportunity to grow both mentally and physically and broaden their perspectives.