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CAS EE Cremony


Today the IB Course at Ritsumeikan Uji presented the annual Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE) awards to our seniors. The CAS and EE award day is a 10 year tradition in the IB Course and is designed to acknowledge excellence in extra-curricular activities (CAS) and original senior research (EE). In addition to their core subjects, IB students all complete CAS, EE and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) as part of their IB "core."

This year there were 11 CAS awardees and 4 EE awardees. The CAS awardees were Ai Mizokami, Aoi Hirata, Marina Takemura, Ryohka Takagi, Remie Saunders, Keishi Suzuki, Taisuke Shimano, Hina Shinagawa, Yuka Sasagawa, Chelsea Sim, and Mio Nakano. The EE awardees were Hina Shinagawa, Keishi Suzuki, Ai Mizokami, and Mio Nakano.

We wish to congratulate all recipients on their success and to congratulate all of our seniors for completing CAS and EE.