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IB course Students Fieldwork on the coast


On Monday, October 23rd, 1st and 2nd year IB course students conducted fieldwork at Hakoishihama Beach in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, as part of their science project. The students had studied the issue of marine plastic pollution in their science class, and this time they actually went to the beach and conducted an ecological survey of the beach in groups. 

 Each group developed their own research topics and collected their own data: one group studied how the plastic content in the sand changed with distance from the beach, while another group investigated how ocean winds and waves changed the shape of the beach and the growth of plants. The IB curriculum requires students to work on collaborative projects in science to develop critical and creative thinking and collaboration skills. This is called the Group 4 Project (G4P).
231023【IBコース】京丹後トリップ 231023【IBコース】京丹後トリップ

 In addition to the fieldwork, all the students cleaned up the beach together. As a sign of appreciation, the local people treated us to curry for lunch, making it a day full of both heart and stomach.
231023【IBコース】京丹後トリップ 231023【IBコース】京丹後トリップ