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SAT exam

The SAT exam was held on Saturday, November 4. Students who wish to enter an American university took the test early in the morning. Starting this year, the SAT is an online test, and students brought their own PCs and connected to the school's WIFI system to take the test. 

 The SAT is a standardized test for admission to U.S. universities administered by the American College Board. Our school is registered as a venue for the SAT and administers it several times a year. In addition to our students, students from other schools also take the test. 

 Our school has a two-shoes system. Students from other schools should bring slippers or other upper shoes. 

 Please make sure you are at the correct location if you are visiting our school for the first time.  
   RitsumeikanUjiHigh School Nearest station (Kintetsu Okubo, JR Uji Station)    
   Buses 240A and 250A will take you to the onsite bus stop.

Follow the arrows.
Turn left at the gymnasium.
Building C is located between the school buildings.
Please go through the reception desk on the 2nd floor.