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JH WOW week!

Last week was called JH WOW Week, and a total of six WOW programs were held.
On the program open day, many students looked at the information with great interest and discussed with their friends which program they would like to participate in.

The programs offered this time were as follows
1. "Money Talks You Will Benefit from Knowing".
  A life insurance company representative was invited as a lecturer, and the students enjoyed a fun simulation about life planning.
  The insurance company was surprised by the students' active opinions and interesting ideas. The program was so popular that we are already getting requests for a second program!

2. "Let's learn about the news reporting!
  Ms. Hanako Nagai, a graduate of Ritsumeikan University and an active announcer, came to talk about the broadcasting industry. The students listened with great interest to her talk about the broadcasting, which they are usually unaware of, such as the many people running around behind the scenes of the news. The students enjoyed their first experiences with vocal training and reading manuscripts.

3. "Eikai WOW!
  Our native English teachers prepared various games and activities for the students to learn English while having fun.

4. "Let's beat it together! Djembe, a West African drum
  Mr. You Fujii, a professional drummer, was our instructor. He introduced traditional African music by actually playing the djembe. At first, the students seemed to have some difficulty in playing the djembe, but once they got into the rhythm, they all got into the groove of the music.

5. "WOW with Camels! The Beautiful World of Camel Art
  Camel artist Moemi Takeichi came to the class and talked about the fascination of camel art. She also demonstrated the art using a carpet that imitated camel hair. Although the students were not familiar with the technique, they boldly tried their hand at the art.

6. "Foreign Language WOW!
  The instructor was a teacher in charge of Chinese class at the school. After learning how to pronounce their own names, students learned how to greet others and introduce themselves. In the high school IG course, students can also choose Chinese as one of the second foreign languages. We hope that the students will continue to learn with great interest.
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