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CAS Shimanami Cycling in Setouchi

     For three days from July 21-23, the Setouchi Shimanami Cycling Tour was held as part of the "CAS-International Expedition" initiative by first-year and second-year students of the IB course who wished to participate. IB students and a few of their teachers ventured out to the Seto Inland Sea to tackle the famous cycling course that would take them from Imabari to Onomichi. They completed the 85 km ride over two days, where students also explored local culture and history. Among the stops were: caramel making, Oyamazumi Shrine, and plenty of beach breaks. On the third and final day of the trip, the group made their way up the ropeway to Senkoji Temple and then slowly made their way back to the station by browsing through the shotengai, taking in the seaside views, and enjoying local dishes. 
     In IB education, "CAS-Creativity, Activity, Service" is one of the central roles of education. Students are expected to engage in healthy living and creative experiences in addition to learning academic subjects. Our school has traditionally sent students abroad through the “CAS-International Expedition” initiative, which includes exchanges with students abroad, but due to the Corona situation, we are switching to a domestic program starting in 2020.