Ritsumeikan International House (I-House) Dormitories

One of the best parts of the Study in Kyoto Program is the sense of community that develops among the students, leading to lifelong friendships. Nowhere is this more true than at the International House Dormitories. 

Ritsumeikan manages four International Houses: I-House TOKIWA, UTANO and TAISHOGUN as well as OIC I-House.* Students from around the world share one living space, giving you the opportunity to learn about other customs and cultures on top of experiencing daily life in Japan. The I-Houses are all equipped with everything a college student would need: fully furnished rooms, laundry facilities, lounges, kitchens, and internet access.

The sense of community at the I-Houses is further accentuated by the live-in managers and Resident Mentors (RM). Each I-House is taken care of by Japanese I-House building managers, so assistance is always just a few doors down. The Japanese I-House RMs assist you when you first move in, help you as you adjust to living in Japan, and organize dormitory events throughout the year. Together, the managers and the RMs create a sense of family and provide a unique and enjoyable cross-cultural living experience, making the International Houses feel like a truly international home. I-House TOKIWA, UTANO and TAISHOGUN are located within 30 minutes of Kinugasa Campus by public transportation and are within easy access by bicycle. OIC I-House is located within 20 minutes of Osaka-Ibaraki Campus on foot or by bicycle. 

For further information, please visit our Kinugasa Campus International Student Dormitory and Osaka-Ibaraki Campus (OIC) International Student Dormitory pages.

*Due to the limited availability of dormitory housing, students may not be placed in their first choice of housing location. Housing application information will be distributed to eligible students after admission.


Homestays are not available through the Study in Kyoto Program.

Apartment Housing

Private Accommodation For Students Who Want to Find Their Own Housing

Students who wish to find apartments on their own once they arrive in Japan may do so by contacting real estate agents in Japan directly. Please make sure you book a hotel or guesthouse accommodation in Kyoto before arriving so that you have somewhere to stay while you look. However, please keep in mind that the cost of moving into an apartment in Japan can be quite high. Landlords often require key money and deposits of several months’ worth of rent. Additionally, most apartments do not come equipped with basic furnishings such as a refrigerator, cooking stove, lights, or furniture. If you choose to rent your own apartment, please be prepared to cover the following expenses:

  • Shikikin 敷金 (deposit): required as security money for possible damage; 1-2 months’ rent (partly refundable)

  • Chukai-tesuryo 仲介手数料 (real estate agent’s fee): 0.5-1 months’ rent (non-refundable)

  • Reikin 礼金 (key money/bond): a fee paid to the landlord when the contract is signed; 1-2 months’ rent (non-refundable)

[ Note ] When signing a rental contract in Japan, you may be required to pay a rental deposit (しききん・敷金), key money (れいきん・礼金), and a real estate agent’s fee (ちゅうかいてすうりょう・仲介手数料) in addition to one month’s rent upfront. Some rental agencies group these costs into something called security money (ほしょうきん・保証金). Each of these additional fees is equivalent to one to three months’ rent. You will therefore need to be ready to pay a total of four to six months’ rent at the time of signing the lease. Utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet, etc.) are usually not included in the rent.

Housing Guarantor System

In most cases, you will need a guarantor when renting an apartment in Japan. In an effort to help students smoothly complete their housing rental contracts, we recommend using the services of the Guarantor Company described in the link below. When you sign a contract and move into a new apartment, please utilize this Guarantor Company to serve as your co-signer.

An Introduction to the Guarantor Company

Student Support

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