Assessment Criteria

Students are assessed on a combination of class attendance, research papers, mid-term exams, presentations, and final examinations. Final examinations at Ritsumeikan are held in July for the April semester and January for the September semester.

Lecture Hours and Academic Credits

SKP participants from universities with an Agreement for Student Exchange with RU will receive credit for their course work in accordance with the policies of their home institutions. Most classes at RU are 90 minutes in duration, including those of the Study in Kyoto Program. Each semester is 15 weeks long, followed by a two-week examination period. Credits for language courses are based on the number of sessions per week, with one session per week equal to one credit for the semester. For example, a course that meets twice a week earns two credits for the semester. Non-language courses earn two credits a semester and meet once a week. Students may enroll in up to a maximum of 20 credits per semester and are required to take a minimum of 10 hours of classes per week (equal to seven sessions of class). Students are advised to confirm the requirements regarding the transfer of academic credits with their home institutions in advance. Note that a grade of 'F' constitutes a failing grade.

Grading Structure

The grading structure is as follows:

Grade Score (%)
A+ 90-100
A 80-89
B 70-79
C 60-69
F ≤ 59

Academic Transcripts

Students who have successfully met all assessment criteria will be issued a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. Academic transcripts listing the classes taken, grade points, and the number of credits for each course will also be issued after September 26th for the April semester and after April 1st for the September semester. In the case of students from partner universities, these copies will be sent directly to the home institution.

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