Shamisen (Spring)

Spring and Fall Semesters Japanese Traditional Arts VI
Music: Shamisen
2 credits

Instructor:TOKIWAZU Toshi

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Course Description

The instrument most representative of Japan’s folk music is the shamisen (three stringed instrument). While there are many different kinds of shamisen music, in this course students will experience Japanese traditional culture through the study of traditional Japanese shamisen music and song.


  • The history of shamisen music
  • Appreciation of the wood block prints and theatrical prints in which performers are depicted on stage.
  • The differences between Japanese traditional music and western music
  • The Japanese musical tradition of storytelling, singing, etc.

* A Maximum of 10 students may be accepted into this course

Grading Criteria:

As each student will develop his or her own style of playing the shamisen with practice, grades will instead be highly dependent upon class attendance and participation. Individual recitals will be conducted on the final day of class so that students can display their understanding of the material learned.


Handouts as necessary

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