Togei (Ceramics)

Fall Semester Japanese Traditional Arts I
2 credits

Instructor: OGUNI Koichiro

Togei (Ceramics) image

Course Description

Kyoto's ceramics tradition began in the Azuchi Momoyama period, in the latter part of the 16th century. It incorporates skills and techniques developed in kilns all over Japan, as well as techniques imported from China and Korea.

This course of 15 lessons enables students to experience through practice the world of Kyoto ceramics. Classes take place on Saturdays, at the Fujihara Pottery studios situated in Gojo zaka, an area renowned for its ceramics.


  • Lessons 1-5
    Students are encouraged to get used to the feel of the clay. Students make a relatively simple piece, such as a small Japanese tea cup.
  • Lessons 6-10
    Students make every-day familiar utensils such as plates and coffee cups, etc.
  • Lessons 11-15
    Students put their acquired knowledge of various techniques (including throwing, glazing, shaping, etc.) into effect by working on an object or objects of their own choice.

Students will have the chance to use tea-bowls of their own making at a tea ceremony, towards the end of the course.

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