Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I would like to buy airline tickets as soon as possible to avoid high costs. Will this be ok?

We strongly recommend that students not purchase their airline ticket before they receive their visa. If you happen to not receive your visa by your planned departure date, Ritsumeikan University will not be held responsible for any reason.

Once I receive my visa, is it possible to arrive in Japan earlier than the date written in the Pre-arrival Guide and travel in the country?

Generally, students should arrive from the date written in the Pre-arrival Guide.

In the visa application, do I need to fill in the “guarantor” section in the application form?

If you hand in the COE and Certificate of Scheduled Enrollment documents with your application form, you do not have to fill in this section.

Where can I find the course lists for SKP?

The most recent course lists will be handed out during the course registration guidance. For course lists from past semesters, please check the Course Lists from Previous Semesters

 The Online Syllabus can also be accessed from this page.

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