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Open Study in English Track (OSE)

Open Study in English (OSE) Track courses cover a wide range of subjects, from Asia-Pacific studies and economic development to contemporary Japanese culture, providing a multi-disciplinary approach and bringing global perspective to international studies. Participation is also open to Japanese students and students from the Global Studies Major, creating a truly international setting that facilitates international exchange between students. Taught entirely in English by distinguished professors, OSE allows you to study in Japan while earning credits in your field of study without the hurdles of a language barrier. As an OSE Track student, you are also eligible to take courses offered through the Business Track.

For a partial list of current OSE Track undergraduate courses, please have a look at our pamphlet.
Please be aware that graduate courses may be different and that courses may be added or cancelled without notice.

Admission Requirements for the OSE Track

To be eligible to enroll in the Open Study in English Track, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Apply to the program under an Agreement for Student Exchange between RU and one of its partner institutions
  2. Currently enrolled in an institution of higher education for at least one year prior to the commencement of the program
  3. Be a native speaker of English, or possess a minimum TOEFL® score of iBT 68 / PBT 520, or possess a minimum IELTS score of 6.0, or equivalent

Japanese Language Classes for OSE Track Students (OSE Japanese)

While Japanese ability is not a requirement for participation in the OSE Track, students with limited background in the language are eligible for an optional Japanese course. This three credit course is only held at the introductory level and meets three times a week for a total of three hours.
Please be aware that OSE Japanese language courses are only available at this level and may not meet the needs of all students. Moreover, students are only eligible for Japanese classes offered within their own track of enrollment.

Students wishing to take the introductory Japanese course will need to take a placement test prior to orientation to determine their Japanese language proficiency. If a student is deemed to be at a higher proficiency level than the introductory course, the student may not be allowed to register for OSE Japanese. Details regarding the test will be provided to OSE students before orientation.

Course Lists from Previous Semesters

Below are the course lists provided to SKP students during previous semesters. Please note that the courses listed may not be offered during future semesters.
SKP students will be provided with finalized course lists during SKP Orientation.

Detailed information on these courses can be found using Ritsumeikan's online syllabus.

Open the Search page by clicking "For Public," then select your language at the top-right of the page.

The search is case-sensitive, so please copy & paste the course code directly in the search field.

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