Tuition & Expenses


One Semester 372,400
Two Semesters 744,800

Tuition costs are currently 372,400 yen per semester*. However, the tuition fee is waived for students participating under an Agreement for Student Exchange with RU. Students applying independently are notified of payment details and procedures upon acceptance.

*Program fees are subject to change.

[ Note ]
All fees are listed in Japanese yen.

Living Expenses

Estimated Living Expenses
  One Semester Two Semesters
Housing 100,000 - 200,000 250,000 - 500,000
Health Insurance 9,000 18,000
Personal Liability Insurance 1,500 3,000
Academic Insurance 650 650
Local Transportation* 35,000 70,000
Basic Food 180,000 360,000
Mobile Phone 13,000 26,000
Leisure Activities 100,000 200,000
Total Estimated Costs 439,500 - 539,500 928,000 - 1,178,000

Living expenses will vary depending on each student's individual lifestyle, but a list of estimated expenses can be found on this page. On-campus cafeterias provide a wide range of affordable meal options, and numerous grocery stores and markets in the local area make self-catering easy. Other costs to consider are housing, health and liability insurance, local transportation, and leisure activities.

*These are estimated costs for students who are commuting by public transportation.
*Students are required to join all above insurances. Insurance fees are subject to change.

Health Insurance

Students are required to join the National Health Insurance system while on the Study in Kyoto Program. This insurance covers 70% of incurred medical fees. The annual premium is approximately 18,000 yen. To provide assistance with this payment, the Kyoto City International Foundation reimburses a portion of the National Health Insurance cost to international students living in Kyoto. More details regarding the National Health Insurance system and applicable rebates will be provided during orientation.

Personal Liability Insurance

In order to participate on the SKP, students are required to enroll in some form of personal liability insurance. This insurance should cover claims made against the student in the case that he or she inadvertently injures someone or damages their property in an accident. If students are not already enrolled in such insurance, they can sign up for it through the university Co-op (approximately 1,500 yen per year, excluding a refundable 5,000 yen Co-op deposit). More details regarding enrollment will be provided during orientation.

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