Financial Info


Ritsumeikan Univesity provides a range of financial support for international students. It also supports applications for scholarships offered by external organization such as the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO).

*This scholarship information on this page is applicable only to students who do not possess Japanese nationality. For scholarship information for students with Japanese nationality, please refer to the website below. (This website is in Japanese only).

1. Scholarships available BEFORE Enrollment at RU

The Ritsumeikan University Tuition reduction Scheme

100% tuition reduction
50% tuition reduction
20% tuition reduction

International students (students who will hold the status of residence of “student” while studying at Ritsumeikan University) will receive a fee reduction through the RU Tuition Reduction Scheme. International students are guaranteed at least a 20% tuition reduction, with 50% and 100% fee reductions offered to the most outstanding applicants.
No separate application is required for the scholarship and the amount of reduction will be notified to the applicants with admission results.

The RU Tuition Reduction Scheme is offered initially for one year, based on students’ admission evaluation. In second and subsequent years, the tuition reduction is awarded based on students’ grades during the previous year of study.

*For students of the Joint Degree program (JD)
Please also refer to the section 3 of this page.

2. Scholarships available AFTER Enrollment at RU

Examples of other scholarships available for international students after enrollment:

  • JASSO scholarship: 48,000 yen/month
  • International Students Assistance Scholarship by RU Faculty/Staff: 250,000yen/year

Application for the above scholarships can be made after enrollment. Details will be explained at the pre-application information session each semester.

For further information on scholarships, please refer to here.

3. Scholarships for students of the JD program (Ritsumeikan University Home)

*This is the information for students who start your study at Ritsumeikan University (RU home). If you would like to apply the program starting from American University (AU home), please visit AU SIS website.

In recognition of the academic excellence of the Program Students, AU will award the RU Home Students a scholarship of 30% of their AU tuition (not including fees). RU Home Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 of AU GPA scale, assessed initially after the first three semesters at RU, and then each semester thereafter, to maintain the award.

*RU Home Students are not eligible for any other merit-based scholarships through the AU Admissions Office.

RU will also offer Ritsumeikan University Study Abroad Challenge Scholarship (JPY 500,000 / semester) to RU home students who achieve required academic scores at RU. The Scholarship will be paid upon application for a maximum of two years(4 semesters) during their study in AU.