Ritsumeikan Primary School

Strong Academic Foundation

Obtaining basic literacy and a proficiency in numeric skills is our top priority for developing children’s mental faculties. By the end of the first stage (Grade 1 – Grade 4), the children will have built up a strong academic foundation.
The overall student-teacher-ratio is one teacher to 15 children.

Some methods used in our unique program

Daily Module Time

We have “Module Time” every morning for ten minutes, in order to stimulate the children’s brains. Children work on cognitive training and read aloud together with a quick tempo (some days in Japanese and other days in English).


Active Use of Dictionaries

We encourage children to use dictionaries for their independent learning. The students actively use the Japanese dictionary not only in Japanese lessons, but also in other subjects from Grade 1.



One fundamental goal we aim to accomplish is the development of students’ abilities to think and express themselves in all subjects.