Ritsumeikan Primary School

The Arts

We recognize the importance
of the arts and culture to enrich our lives.

We recognize the importance of the arts, traditional culture, individual expression, and learning from each other. For music and art classes we have specialist teachers from Grade 1. Across many art projects time is taken for students to observe everyone’s work and think about different perspectives.
In music classes students learn to understand written music and how to sing with strength and emotion. The children also get exposure to music from various cultures and genres, and several musical instruments are introduced. Students develop a sense of artistic appreciation and sensitivity in music and art lessons, and the hands-on element encourages creativity and increases awareness too.


We are fortunate to have a theater on campus, with a stage, sound room, lighting, and seating for 260. Sometimes we use our theater for student performances. It is also ideal for presentations and talks. On occasion we have hosted visits by guest speakers, musicians and other performers. The professional atmosphere of our theater contributes to the excitement and authenticity of each event.