Ritsumeikan Primary School

The Arts

We recognize the importance
of the arts and culture to enrich our lives.

In music and art classes, specialized teachers give classes that refine artistic sensibilities and develop self-esteem and creativeness, starting from Grade 1.

In art class children work on pottery as well as art appreciation.

In music class the children learn to understand written music, and how to sing with strength and emotion. They also get exposure to several musical instruments.


We have a state-of-the-art concert hall inside our modern facility.

Aligned with our concept “to experience authentic art,” our theater is equipped with a full-scale acoustic sound system, lights, and screen imaging equipment.The hall seats about 260 people.

It is used for instrumental concerts, choral music recitals, and presentation activities.

We have enjoyed visits by a variety of talented people (performers, authors, musicians).