Ritsumeikan Primary School

Communication Skills

Four Skills

A native speaker of English team-teaches with a Japanese teacher of English, from Grade 1.

The objectives of this program are to introduce the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing), and cultivate the ability to use English as a tool for communication and study.

Within the curriculum, we put English and cross-cultural education into practice with the goal of developing "functional bilinguals."

English lessons are twice a week in Grades 1 & 2, three times a week in Grades 3 & 4, and four times a week in Grades 5 & 6. The teaching teams conduct the class in English. The children acquire their knowledge in a natural way, without translation or complicated explanations.

While building vocabulary, the children also learn many useful questions, replies, and expressions. They are exposed to phonics from Grade 1, for awareness of the sounds of the English language.

Reading is eased into in Grade 3.
By Grade 5, which is the beginning of the second stage, the children can handle junior-high level tests, although grammar is kept minimal.