Ritsumeikan Primary School

Four Pillars

Establishing a definitive
model of education

Raising global citizens


Cultivating ethics and

Message from the Principal

Miki Horie

Miki Horie


We at Ritsumeikan Primary School consider our school a place that brings out the best in every child. The school was founded based on the principles expressed in the name Ritsumeikan, which was created by the Ritsumeikan Academy's founding father, Prince SAIONJI Kinmochi, an eminent international statesman of late-19th century Japan.

Ritsumeikan means "the place to establish one's destiny."
At Ritsumeikan Primary School, we value each and every child's individuality and provide state-of-the-art facilities for all students to attain their full potential.

In April 2006, Ritsumeikan Primary School began a new chapter in education by advancing our vision for the students' bright future.

General information

  • Classes
    4 classes in each grade level (Grade 1 – Grade 6)
  • Hours
    8:10 am to 4:00 pm
  • Teachers
    approximately 8 teachers per grade level
  • Pupils
    120 children in each grade level (approximately 60 boys and 60 girls)